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Twilio SMS

Getting started

Twilio is a cloud communications provider. This is one of the platforms we use to enable SMS messaging from and to clients. Text messaging can be a great addition to your communication tools.

Buying a number on Twilio

To start sending and receiving SMS, you will need an active number on Twilio.

  • Head over to
  • Create an account/log in.
  • In the left pane, click on the # icon.
  • Click on Manage Numbers.
  • Click on the red + to buy a new number.
  • In the following page, you can search for a telephone number based on your requirements (location, SMS, Voice, …).
  • To buy the number, press the button Buy to the right of it.
  • Go through the next pages to proceed.

Connecting Sparkcentral with the telephone number

The next step we need to take is to connect the newly created telephone number to a Sparkcentral channel.
  • Start by going into the setting menu on Sparkcentral.
  • Click on Channels, and a menu will drop down.
  • Now, click on the button Channels that just appeared.
  • On the upper right, click on the button Add Channel (as shown below).
  •  In the channel overview that now appears, you will need to select SMS via Twilio.
  • A new window will open, in which we will need to enter some credentials.
  • In Channel name, enter the name you would like this channel to have. It is always a good idea to give this a unique name.
  • The rest of the credentials will be added in a few minutes.

Creating authentication credentials in Twilio

To continue adding a channel, we will first need to generate the credentials to connect the two platforms.
  • Go to your Twilio console dashboard.
  • Click on the button called Settings (in the left tab).
  • We will be directed to a page called General Settings.
  • Go down the page, until you see a label called “API Credentials”.
  • There are two different tabs. “LIVE Credentials” and “TEST Credentials”. We will use the first one.
  • Copy the Account SID, and enter it into the Sparkcentral Twilio window that appeared earlier.
  • Now, we need to copy the Auth Token. To do so, click on the eye icon  in front of it.
  • Copy the token that just became visible, and paste it into the previous window.
  • The next step is to copy the phone number SID. To do so, Click on the # button, in the left tab on Twilio.
  • This will open your active phone numbers. In the overview, click on the phone number you would like to connect.
  • Copy the string of text under “PHONE NUMBER SID” and paste that into the previous Sparkcentral’s window.
  • On the previous Sparkcentral window, click on next.
  • The channel has now been added to your Sparkcentral instance and can be used to send and receive text messages.

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