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Adding a LINE channel

LINE is one the fastest growing messenger interactive apps in the world, bringing users/businesses closer to stay in touch with customers, fans, individuals, groups, and more. 


Step by step Walkthrough

Step 1. Navigate to LINE Developers Console and select the designated Provider from your list or create a new one. 

On the LINE Developers site, an individual developer, company, or organization that provides service and acquires information of users to that end is referred to as a Service provider.

A service provider is registered as a Provider on the LINE Developers Console.

  1. From the Providers page on the Console home, click the Create button.

  2. Enter your desired Provider name in the Create a new provider screen, and confirm by clicking Create.

  • The provider name is displayed on the user consent screen. The user identifies the service provider based on the provider name. Therefore, provider names should not be temporary names (e.g. brand names used only in your organization, project names, etc.).

    Sample Provider

  • When you are providing service as a company or organization, create a provider using the name of the company or organization.

  • A channel used by the service provider must be created within the same provider.

Step 2. From the Channels tab on your selected provider page, choose to create a channel under the “Messaging API”.

  • Fill out all of the required fields, and check the terms of use agreement checkbox, then click “Create”.

Step 3. Update the LINE channel settings to be able to connect to Sparkcentral. 

  • Navigate back to the Messaging API settings
  • Under LINE Official Account features, click the Edit link behind “Auto-reply messages
  • On the resulting page, disable “Greeting message” and “Auto-response”, and enable “Webhooks”, after which you can close this page.
  • At the bottom of the “Messaging API” screen, click the “Issue” button under “Channel access token”.

Step 4. Add the LINE channel in Sparkcentral

  • Navigate to SettingsChannels & Business Hours ,Channels
  • Click on Add Channel , and select LINE.
  • Fill out all of the fields below. Then click on Next. 

Channel Name: the channel name within Sparkcentral, this can be the same as in Line.

Line Channel Id and Line Channel Secret: can be found under the “Basic Settings” tab in the LINE Developers Console.

Line Channel Access Token: was issued in the previous step, can be found under the “Messaging API” tab.

Step 5. Add the webhook in LINE

  • Take the URL from the popup in Sparkcentral and add it to the LINE channel by clicking the “Edit” button for the Webhook URL under the “Messaging API” tab in the LINE developers console.
  • Click “Update” and “Verify”, and this should give you the following pop up. 
  • Next, enable the “Use Webhook” toggle.

You should now be connected, and be able to assign an agent to the channel and start messaging LINE via Sparkcentral. Happy Messaging! 😃

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