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Adding WeChat to Sparkcentral.

WeChat on Sparkcentral

WeChat is the biggest all-in-one chat platform in China. Incorporating this into Sparkcentral allows you to reach an even bigger audience.

Getting started

Make sure you have access to a verified Official WeChat Account.

Part of the WeChat screens are translated to English, but not all content is. So you might want to open Google Translate to help you during this process.

Whitelisting Sparkcentral in WeChat

To connect WeChat to Sparkcentral, we will need to whitelist it in the WeChat Dashboard. First, we will need to add a new channel to Sparkcentral.
  • Start by going into the setting menu on Sparkcentral.
  • Click on Channels, and a menu will drop down.
  • Now, click on the button Channelsthat just appeared.
  • On the upper right, click on the button Add Channel (as shown below).
  • On the pop-up window, select WeChat. A new window will open with information.
  • Do not close this window yet, we will need to copy the information shown on it.
  • Head over to the WeChat Basic Configuration Window at
  • In Development – Basic Configuration, click Enable to get a developer password and be able to whitelist the IP addresses mentioned above.
  • You will have to go through several verification steps (for example you will receive a text message with code and have to scan a QR code using your WeChat account to verify your identity).
  • At the end of all steps when enabling the developer password, you will end with a screen showing an AppSecret. Please note: This is shown only once, so you will need to copy it. If you lose the AppSecret, you will have to redo some of the steps and generate a new AppSecret.

Now you can enter the IP addresses you need to whitelist. The list, if needed, can be modified later on.

You can copy and paste these:


We can now go ahead and create our WeChat channel on Sparkcentral.

On the window that was previously opened, click on the button Next. This will proceed to a new page in which we must enter some information.

  • Enter a name for you WeChat channel.
  • Enter the App ID that you can find in the Basic Configuration Page.
  • Enter the App Secret you can copy from WeChat.



We will now create an AES Key to complete the process.

  • To do so, go to Change Configuration in Basic Configuration.
  • At the label EncodingAESKey, click on the button next to it called Random Generation.
  • Copy the generated key, and paste it into the input field in the Sparkcentral window.

Click on next. We will be forwarded to the last page.

On this page, there is a URL and a token. These should be entered into the WeChat Configuration Dashboard, as shown on the picture below.

The final step to enable the channel, is to enable it in the WeChat Configuration Dashboard. This can be done by clicking on the button that is shown in the picture below.

Generating a QR code for your brand

  • Navigate to the WeChat Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings – Account Info.
  • Click on the QR icon.
  • A table with different icon sizes will be visible.
  • To download an icon, click on the Download icon to the right of the row in the table.
  • You can now use this code for customers to scan.

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