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Auto-Clearing of Contact Attributes

If required, an enterprise can automatically remove all data in the contact attributes section from Sparkcentral after a conversation is resolved.

How it works:

  • Admins can navigate to Settings , Privacy & Security, and select the Auto-Clear Contact Attributes section.
  • Admins can decide after how much time the contact attributes are cleared using the drop down selection.
  • When a conversation is resolved, all data stored in the contact attributes section will automatically be removed after the set duration. Please keep in mind that once this data is removed, we cannot restore it. This includes data automatically collected from the medium, and CRM systems as well as added manually by agents. We remove all the values, however when the attribute was created, updated, and deleted will remain available for audit purposes.
  • If a conversation is put back in the new queue for any reason, the timer is stopped.

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