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Auto-Resolve Conversations

However, we have added auto-resolve capabilities that will help you better manage your new queue and pending queue.

The default setting is 30 days. You can lower this setting to better fit your organizational needs.

Admins must navigate to Settings, Queue, Preferencesto manage, and update your queue default global setting to Auto-Resolve Conversations, and choose to include a Resolve Reason.

Scenario 1 – the customer doesn’t respond: If you respond to a customer and move the conversation to the pending queue, you rely on the customer to respond back to you. There are cases in which the customer will simply stop responding. It will require manual action to go through the pending queue and resolve those conversations. Or you use the boomerang feature to automatically move a conversation back to the new queue for an agent to make a decision on how to proceed.

Scenario 2 – Twitter search queries: You might use Twitter search queries to listen to what people are saying about your brand. However, this might also result in a new queue with more items than your team can handle. You will now need to use the bulk resolve feature to clean your queue.

New situation – auto-resolve conversations: The auto-resolve feature will automatically move conversations from the new queue and pending queue to the resolved queue. You can decide after how much time this happens and can specify this setting per channel.

Default Global settings vs. Channel Specific settings

All channels will follow the auto-resolve conversations settings specified in the Queue, Preferences by default. However, you can override these settings per channel.

Navigate to Settings,Channels & Business Hours , Channels and click on the edit channel button:

Sample Scenario:

If your Admin has set a default global setting to Resolve all conversations from the New Queue by default after 10 days, and has set a channel specific setting to your Twitter: ClearCreditHelp channel to Resolve all conversations from the New Queue after 14 days. Then the following will take effect:

    1. All conversations in the New queue for Twitter-ClearCreditHelp channel are resolved after 14 days.
    2. All conversations in the New queue for the rest of your other channels are resolved after 10 days.

In the channels list, we have added 2 new columns: Auto-Resolve New QueueAuto-Resolve Pending Queue so you can immediately see the settings currently applied to all your channels.

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