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On direct messaging channels (such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Whatsapp, In-Web and In-App Messaging) you can send an automatic response to your customers. The autoresponder can also help you to find out what conversations need to be handled with priority.

Example automated response on Messenger:


How to enable an Autoresponder

Navigate to Settings – Virtual Agents – Auto Responders

Click on Add Auto Responder

  1. Name your Autoresponder- this name will appear in the rest of the app as “{Name} VA”.
  2. Specify if you want your Autoresponder to be activated as an Inception or a Delegation agent
  3. Fill out the rest of your Autoresponder information, your Business Hours Script or Out-Of-Office Script, and the accompanied handoff rules. Click on Save.
  4. After which you then can nominate a channel access for this Autoresponder. 
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 12.52.03 PM

Two types of Autoresponders


An Inception virtual agent will automatically pick up private conversations that start in the channels it has access to. If an inception virtual agent needs a human agent, it will place the conversation in the new queue at this point any agent can jump in. The inception virtual agent can also resolve a conversation if no human assistance is required.

  • Because an inception virtual agent automatically picks up conversations in the channel it has access to, you cannot create multiple inception virtual agents that have access to the same channel. They would create a conflict.


A Delegation virtual agent will not automatically pick up conversations. Instead a human agent can give a conversation to a delegation virtual agent at any time of the conversation. The delegation virtual agent will take over at this point, and converse with the contact. The handoff rule determines what should happen if a delegation virtual agent needs a human agent. If “New Queue” is selected, the conversation will end up in the new queue to be picked up by any agent. If “previous agent” is selected, the delegation virtual agent will assign the conversation back to the previous human agent.

  • Multiple delegation virtual agents can have access to the same channel. A human agent has to specifically select the virtual agent that needs to take over the conversation.

Timeout rules

Timeout Virtual Agent

  • configure when to do handoff if the autoresponder stops responding for any reason. Maximum time is 60 mins.

Timeout Contact

  • configure when to do a handoff if the contact stops responding. Maximum time is 23 hours.

Language detection

You can now add multiple languages for autoresponders. One of the languages is used as a default. The default language is used if the customer language is unknown. Simply start by adding a new autoresponder in one language. And then click on the + Add Translation tab, choose a language from the list and start filling the fields. Learn more about our Language Detection.

During and outside business hours

You can decide to run a Business Hours Script, and configure an Out-Of-Office Script. Set up your business hours per day of the week. Learn more on how to configure your Business Hours.

Some additional options and settings to consider

Collect information upfront

Add a question to your statement that motivates people to share more information.
If it regards contact information, choose Question – Contact Attribute, fill out your question, and select the corresponding contact attribute in the dropdown menu to let the autoresponder automatically update this information.

Use quick replies

For Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, In-Web, and In-App channels you can create buttons your customers can click as a quick reply to your question.

To create quick replies use the following setup:
Question: Where are you based?%[EMEA](reply:EMEA) %[APAC](reply:APAC) %[LATAM](reply:LATAM) %[NA](reply:NA)

The result will look like this:


Prioritize important conversations

Based on keywords found in the message content, you can prioritize important conversations. You can leverage for your autoresponder to ask some important questions, and use our Automations feature to automatically set a topic on a conversation. Under Prioritization, you can choose all the topics which are high priority. Messages with the highest priority will automatically show at the top of your queue.

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