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Away States

Sparkcentral offers the ability for Admins to customize “Away States” so teams can better track how agents spend their away time from engaging with customers.

This feature will provide more insights into agent productivity, and provide better forecasting, and schedule adherence reports. 

How to Add an Away State?

Admins must navigate to Settings ,Agent Workspace  , Away States.

To add a new away state, click on the Add Away Statebutton.

  • Away states are global so Admins do not need to re-create them for each channel.
  • You can toggle to Enable or Disable a specific state as applicable.
  • You can Edit or Delete an away state at any time. All associated data will still be available in Reports when deleting an away state.
  • Once at least one custom away state is created, the default “Away” is no longer an option.
  • If Admins decide to disable this feature by turning off all the custom away states, the default Available/Away will appear.
  • Custom away states can be a maximum of 25 characters.

How can agents switch states?

Once an Admin creates the custom away states for their team, agents can select which one is applicable to them when they step away from working in Sparkcentral.

To do so, agents need to click the Available status in the top right corner of the app, and a dropdown menu will appear with a selection of pre-arranged away states.

Agents will select the state that best applies to them.

  • Teams can also use this feature to check on the current availability of their teammates by looking at the team chat.
  • The team chat will show how many agents are online at the top. Clicking on that will show a list of team members who are online, and if they are Available or Away.

Where can Supervisors review custom Away States reporting data?

Viewing the Away time in Reporting can help managers to better understand how their teams are spending their time when not engaged with customers. 

Supervisors of a channel can access Reports , On- Demand Exports, User Presence  export to review agent’s custom Away States data. To learn more about this export, visit User Presence Export.

How is 'Away State' being calculated? 

  • A ping goes off in Sparkcentral, and immediately tells the app what state the user is in (Available, Away or a Custom Away State).
  • This is calculated based on browser ‘heartbeat’ calls, which means on actual open browser, and logged-in time into the Sparkcentral app.
  • For Example: If an agent sets a status for a period of time that is longer than the Inactive Session Length, the reporting will reflect the time that the agent was logged in for. If inactive session length occurs after 30 minutes, but the agent sets to Lunch, and is gone for an hour, the report will show 30 minutes away for Lunch.

How agents can set up default availability?

When you log in to Sparkcentral you can now decide if you want to be Available or (custom) Away by default. If you are available, you will immediately get assigned the first conversation that is waiting in the New queue.

You can change your default availability preference in your Personal Settings. You can find your personal settings by clicking on your name in the top right corner, and choosing My Settings from the menu.

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