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Blocked Contacts

Enterprises might have to deal with contacts every now, and then who are using your customer service channel for unsuitable, and or inappropriate reasons.

We are making it easier to deal with these situations via our “BLOCK contact functionality.

  • When agents block a contact on Sparkcentral, all new conversations from the contact would be auto-resolved. 
  • An Admin must first enable the block contact functionality by navigating to Settings ,Privacy & Security  , Blocked Contacts

How does “BLOCK” contact functionality work?

Agents will see a button labeled BLOCK in the contact profile section.

When agents click on this BLOCK button, they will be prompted to confirm that they want to block this contact. Click on Yes.

  • When an agent blocks a contact, the existing conversation would have to be manually resolved by the agent. All new messages from this contact will be automatically resolved.
  • The blocked contact will still be searchable by name, and by conversation content.
  • Click the button again, to unblock the contact. The full conversation history will still be available.
  • Contact is only Blocked at a channel level. 

Where can I find the “Blocked Contacts” information logs?

A log of the contact blocking event is created, and will be stored in Settings ,Privacy & Security  , Blocked Contacts . Admins will be able to:

  • Find the list of all Blocked Contacts
  • Navigate to the conversation history
  • Unblock the contact if unintentionally blocked by the agent.

Will the contact be Blocked natively?

No. This blocking functionality is for the Sparkcentral platform only, and will not block the customer, and or delete customer comments on your native page. 

What happens when an Admin enable-disables the Block Contact functionality?

  • If an Admin decides to disable the block functionality, any new conversations from those contacts who have been previously blocked won’t be auto resolved. But in future if the Admin re-enables the block contact functionality again, any subsequent conversations from previously blocked contacts would be resolved automatically.
  • When this setting is enabled, there is no way to limit this functionality to Admins only, so it will immediately be available to all agents.                                                                                                                    Agents will then see the BLOCK button in the contact profile panel.
  • When this setting is disabled, the agents won’t see the BLOCK button in the contact profile panel.

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