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Blocked Threads

Social Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts are meant to drive brand engagement, and discovery but are not always important from a customer service point of view. Some of these posts garner a lot of traffic that floods the new queue making it difficult to isolate, and handle conversations needing immediate customer service teams’ help. 

Admins can now exclude comments on specific posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from coming into the queue by using the “Block Thread” functionality.

How does “Block Thread” functionality work?

When comments on a high-engagement low-service value post first start coming into the new queue, an Admin will be able see the option “Block Thread” in the Message-Action menu next to the post.

Note: This is an Admin only level functionality. Contributors, Viewers, and Supervisors with Agent roles will not see this option.

When clicking on this “Block Thread” option, Admins will be prompted  to confirm this action. Click on Yes.

  • Any comments made on the post subsequent to the unblocking will be brought in.
  • Any comments made while the post was blocked cannot be brought in retroactively.

Where can I find the “Blocked Threads” information logs?

A log of the thread blocking event is created, and will be stored inSettings ,Social Media  , Blocked Threads  . Admins will be able to:

  • Find the list of all Blocked Threads with timestamp, and the name of the Admin who blocked it.
  • Link to Open Native Thread post
  • Unblock a Thread

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