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Bulk Resolve

Bulk Resolve is a feature that allows you to Resolve multiple New & Pending queue items at once. This can be useful for clearing through a quick influx of conversations, or starting from scratch when new to Sparkcentral. 

This feature is available in the New, and Pending queue.

  • Bulk Resolve functionality will only be available when you have a supervisory role for the channel selected. Even if you have Admin access, you will still have to make sure to update your role to ‘Supervisor’ for that selected channel in order for you to be able to Bulk resolve conversations.

How to use Bulk Resolve?

Click on the 3 horizontal ellipsis button next to the order-by drop down to show theBulk Resolveoption.

  1. Specify the time period that you’d like to Resolve conversations from. In this example, all conversations started over 2 days ago.
  2. If you enabled your settings to include a resolve reason when performing bulk resolve then you must select a Resolve Reason that you would like to apply when bulk resolving conversations.
  3. Click on the Resolve button. 

A confirmation message below will appear.

Quick Note:

  • You can only Bulk Resolve items OLDER THAN a specified amount of minutes, hours, days or weeks.
  • The Bulk Resolve time frame will be based on the oldest ‘new’ message in a conversation (newest since being Resolved).

Bulk Resolve audit trail

We will show who bulk resolved a conversation, when the action was performed, and the selected Bulk Resolve Reason, as part of the audit trails.

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