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What are Contact Attributes?

Contact Attributes are useful contextual data about a contact (e.g., Email Address, First name, Last name, account ID, loyalty points balance etc). It provides an in-depth view to agents about the customer, as it contains information specific to each customer.

What are the key benefits of Contact Attributes?

  • Increases digital agent efficiency by reducing time spent on identifying questions or switching to another business application to look up a contact’s profile
  • Improves customer experience since the contact does not have to repeat themselves
  • Improves customer service flow since the agent does not ask the contact to provide information that the system already knows about them

Contact Attributes Panel

Contact Attributes are stored, and displayed in the Contact Attributes Panel in the agent desktop for agent’s easy access, and visibility of contacts available information each time they start a conversation.

The Contact Attributes Panel is completely configurable for an organization.

Custom Contact Attributes can be populated manually by an agent OR through an integration with an external CRM or other backend business application.

What is shown in the panel?

  • Primary and Secondary Channel IDs (e.g., WhatsApp profile name and phone number)
  • Whether the contact has been validated against their CRM profile
  • Whether a CRM lookup was successful
  • When the last CRM lookup was performed
  • All default, custom and medium contact attributes configured by the Admin to show in the contact attribute panel
  • Any Custom Contact Attributes managed through CRM integration is indicated by a cloud icon next to the attribute name
  • Any Custom Contact Attributes or Medium Contact Attributes set up as a lookup attribute by the Admin is indicated by a magnifying glass icon next to its name
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How to set up and manage Contact Attributes?

Admins must navigate to Settings , Agent Workspace ,Contact Attributes 

Admins can perform the following functions:

  • Create, configure, edit, delete custom contact attributes 
  • Enable or disable custom contact attributes, and medium contact attributes from appearing in the Contact Attributes Panel on the agent desktop
  • Reorder the sequence in which custom contact attributes and medium contact attributes appear in the Contact Attributes Panel
  • Mark custom contact attributes, and medium contact attributes as Lookup Attributes. Lookup Attribute values are used in a CRM lookup
  • Mark contact attributes as CRM Managed Attributes. CRM Managed Attributes are populated by a CRM after a CRM lookup
  • Set up the linkage between a CRM/Ticketing system using the Sparkcentral Write-back API to send Conversation meta-data, status, topic, conversation notes and Contact Attributes to the CRM/ticketing system
  • Set up a matching attribute used for Cross-Channel Conversation History

Types of Contact Attributes

Medium Contact Attributes

Medium Contact Attributes are pre-created attributes that are automatically populated with channel meta-data (e.g., Twitter followers, Whatsapp phone number etc). 

  • These attributes will appear in the Contact Attributes Panel of the relevant channel. e.g., Twitter Followers will appear only in a Twitter Channel; not in a WhatsApp Channel
  • Medium Contact Attributes are automatically populated by the system. They cannot be populated or edited by agents.
  • They cannot be populated through an integration with an external application like a CRM
  • Medium Contact Attributes can be used as Lookup Attributes to trigger a CRM lookup but they cannot be classified as CRM Managed attributes since they are populated with channel meta-data.
  • Admins can Enable or Disable them from appearing in the Contact Attributes Panel of their respective channels.

Existing Medium Contact Attributes 

Medium Contact Attributes  are pre-created by the system. The Medium Contact Attributes  vary by the channel based on, and limited to the meta-data that is made available by the channel.

TWITTER Handle Name, Name, Bio, Followers, Contact Location, Website, Language, (Link to) Profile Image, Tweets, Following, Account Created at, Verified Status
WHATSAPP Phone Number, Profile Name
IN-WEB/ IN-APP CHAT Email, First Name, Last Name, Browser Language, Device OS, Device carrier, Device WiFi, SDK Version, Page Title, Page Domain (Website link)
SMS Phone Number
Twilio SMS Phone Number

Custom Contact Attributes

Custom Contact Attributes are created by an Admin. 

  • These attributes will appear in the Contact Attributes Panel in ALL channels and mediums
  • Admins can set them up to be populated as Freeform or from a Dropdown List
  • These can be manually populated by agents or automatically by an auto-responder or by a CRM lookup
  • They can be classified as CRM managed attributes as well as lookup attributes
  • Admins can Enable or Disable them from appearing in the Contact Attributes Panel
  • Admins can create any number of Custom Contact Attributes


Please Note: We have added VIP as a standard contact attribute, and customer segment.

How to add a Custom Contact Attributes?

In Settings Agent Workspace ,Contact Attributes 

Click onAdd Attribute. Admins can select from Freeform or Dropdown List

Freeform: Allow agents to enter freeform text or numbers

Dropdown List: Provide a selection of two or more options from which agents can pick

How to integrate your CRM with Sparkcentral?

Learn more on how to connect your CRM using Contact Attributes via our CRM API / Write-back API.

Where can Supervisors review Contact Attributes reporting data?

Supervisors of a channel can access ReportsOn- Demand Exports, Contact Attributes export to review Contact Attributes data. To learn more about this export, visit Contact Attributes.

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