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What is Conversation Ownership?

Conversation Ownership helps to ensure that customers are receiving consistent support experience from the same agent, and keeps the other team members aware that conversation is actively or openly being handled by a specific agent.

Conversation Ownership can be set Manually, or an Admin can enable the Auto-Ownership feature by navigating to theChannels Settings – where it allows agents to automatically own conversations after responding. 

How to distinguish when a conversation is owned by a particular agent?

  • When a conversation is owned by a particular agent, it is noted at the top of the reply box in the assigned conversation ownership drop down section.
  • It will be noted in the New queue with “Waiting on (agent’s name)” and Pending queue with “Owned by (agent’s name)”. Once a conversation is moved to Resolved status, all ownership is removed.
  • Click on the assigned conversation ownership drop down section if you want to manually set an owner (select “Agent’s name”) or if you want to remove ownership from a conversation ( select “Unowned”).

How to filter the queue by ownership?

The New and Pending queues can be filtered by conversation ownership. Using ownership filters, you can gain visibility into other agent’s assignments, ensuring that conversations never get “stuck” in an agent’s queue. You have the following filter options:

  • Unowned All unowned conversations
  • Owned by me Conversations owned by me
  • Select All View all conversations owned by others
  • Named Agents Conversations owned by one or more specific agents


Agents that are online, and available will appear with a green dot next to their name. Agents who are away will have an orange dot, and offline agents will appear with a gray dot next to their name. 


Important reminder: Depending on your workflow, and how agents utilize their ownership queue filter, when a conversation is owned by an agent, other agent’s can still view, respond, and engage as needed to any owned conversation as applicable.

Ownership Handling on Logout

An Admin can enable automatic removal of ownership at logout by navigating to SettingsRouting & AutomationRemove Ownership. By doing so, when users go offline, ownership of their conversations will be automatically removed (within 2 minutes) when this setting is enabled.

Their ownership is maintained for all conversations in the Pending Queue. However if an inbound causes the conversation to move to the New Queue while the owner is logged off, ownership is automatically removed, and the conversation is then viewable by any agent filtering for “unowned” conversations. 


If Remove Ownership is disabled, then when agents log off the conversations which were owned by the agent remain assigned to the agent.


Learn more about Remove Ownership.

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