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Customer Segments

Customer Segments play an instrumental role when it comes to filtering the queue by prioritizing or routing conversations to the right team with the matching set of skills.

Customer Segments are based on Contact Attributes. Which can be entered manually or can get automatically retrieved from a CRM system, and some can get populated by the channel, such as the number of Twitter followers.

Example customer segments:

  • Influencers on Twitter having over 1000 followers.
  • Customers with loyalty status platinum.

How to manage & create Customer Segments?

Admins can manage to create, update, delete Customer Segments by navigating to Settings, Routing & Automations, Customer Segments.

To create a Customer Segment:

Click on Add Customer Segment

  1. Name. Give your segment a name.
  2. Contact Attribute. Existing contact attribute that becomes a part of the definition. Disabled attributes won’t show up in the dropdown.
  3. Operator. Choose an Operator.
    • >,≥ ,<,≤ will show for CRM-managed attributes, and attributes with “Number” or “date” formats
    • “=” Operator can be used for text or numeric contact attribute’s. For strings = does an exact match but is not case-sensitive. So “Platinum” = “platinum”.
    • We have also added some additional operators CONTAINS, NOT EMPTY, BEGINS WITH, ENDS WITH

      4. Value. Enter the text or value to add. Text values do not require the use of quotes (“”)

      Please Note: We have added VIP as a standard contact attribute, and customer segment.

Sample Configurations:


Customer Segment Name




Is the customer on the website?

Website visitor

Page URL

Not Empty


Is the customer using the mobile app?

App user

Device Platform

Not Empty


Does the customer speak French?





Is the customer in Belgium?





How to route conversations using Customer Segments?

Learn how to route conversations to your team using Customer Segments via our Teams & Skills-Based Routing.

How to prioritize Customer Segments?

Admins can now choose to add High-Priority Customer Segments to prioritize conversations in the queue. Navigate to SettingsRouting & AutomationsPrioritization.

The more customer segments match in a single conversation, the higher the priority, and the higher it will appear in the queue. Learn more about Prioritization.

How to filter the queue by Customer segments?

  • The queue can be filtered by Customer Segments to help agents focus on specific customer segments conversations.

Customer Segments view in the queue:

  • When you hover your mouse over the indicator display in the queue, you will see the matching high-priority Customer Segments.

Customer Segments view in the conversation pane:

  • Customer Segments that are applied to a conversation will always be visible to agents in the conversation header bar. 

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