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Deleted Contacts

Admins will be able to self-serve on GDPR Right-to-Forget requests by finding the right contact profile, and deleting it.

  • The conversation history, attachments, contact attributes related to a contact profile will be permanently deleted from Sparkcentral.
  • The customer will come in as a new user/profile when the customer contacts your business again.

How does “Deleted Contacts” functionality work?

Find the right contact profile.

  • Use our search bar option to find those contacts.
  • It is also advisable for Admins to get access to all of your channels to maximize your contact deletion capabilities.

Once the contact profile is located, only Admins will see this DELETE button on the contact profile section.

When clicking on this DELETE button, Admins will be prompted  to provide a Contact Identity Hint which will help identify which contact was deleted. Populate your Contact Identity Hint. Then click on YES.

A confirmation message below will appear.

Where can I find the “Deleted Contacts” information logs?

A log of the deleted event is created, and will be stored inSettings ,Privacy & Security  ,Deleted Contacts

  • Admins will then find the Contact ID Hint information, which medium the contact was deleted from, deletion date, and which admin deleted the contact.

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