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Delivery Notifications

We provide delivery (and read) notifications for the messages sent over WhatsApp, SMS and Sparkcentral Messenger (Web Chat and In-app chat). There is some variation in the kinds of notifications we can provide across these channels based on channel restrictions: 

Please Note: Message Delivered and Message Read notifications need not be received in real-time.

  • For example, a WhatsApp message may be delivered to the contact’s device after several minutes or hours later (e.g., if their phone is off-line). Similarly a message delivered to the contact’s device may not be read by the contact for several minutes or hours.

    Absence of a delivery receipt or read receipt generally is not always a sign of a problem.

Types of Delivery Notifications:

  1. Message Sent: We show a date/time stamp when an agent sends a message from Sparkcentral.  This is shown just under the outbound message text and within the message bubble
  2. Message Delivered: When the message is delivered to the contact’s device, a single check mark appears next to the Sent timestamp. The Delivered timestamp is displayed when the cursor hovers over the Sent timestamp.
  3. Message Read: When the message is viewed on the contact’s device, we show a second checkmark next to the Sent timestamp. The exact date/time stamp for when a message is read is displayed when the cursor hovers over the Sent timestamp.
  4. Message not delivered: If the message is not delivered for some reason, an exclamation mark appears over the message bubble. If you hover over the exclamation mark, it will present an error message that will help diagnose what could be causing this error.
  • A message may not be delivered for one of several reasons (e.g., for not sending an HSM after the 24 hour Customer Care window has passed).
  • In other cases, it is generally a good idea to retry sending after a short period and if the delivery still fails, please raise a ticket with Sparkcentral Support.

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