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Facebook Page Re-authentication

If the page authentication is broken, suspended or rescinded, it will cause the failure of incoming content to Sparkcentral, and  errors when attempting to send outbound messages via Sparkcentral.

Potential reasons for a page authentication breaking or falling are:

  • The person who authenticated the FB page to Sparkcentral changed their Facebook password.
  • The person who authenticated the FB page no longer has admin access or access at all. 
  • The person who authenticated the FB page manually removed/deleted the authorization in Facebook.
  • Facebook expired the connection (this is the least common reason)


If your account experiences a failure of all incoming content, and there is no acknowledged system-wide incident, it is best to double check the page level access of the administrator who connected the page or attempt to have a page Admin re-add the channel in Sparkcentral resolves this issue.

❗You may encounter this error message when responding to messages. 

Steps to Re-authenticate

Please make sure that you are already logged into the correct Facebook account in a separate window of your browser before starting the process. Sparkcentral will detect this, and use the account you are currently logged into.

  • In Sparkcentral, an Admin must navigate to Settings, Channels & Business Hours, Channels 
  • Click on Add Channel, and select Facebook
  • The dialog box below will open up, click on Continue.
  • Next, the pop-up window should show “Authorization Complete
Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 1.41.22 PM

Your Facebook channel should automatically get “refreshed” with these steps.

It might take up to 30 minutes before everything works normally again.

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