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In-platform Knowledge Base

What is the In-platform Knowledge Base?

The In-platform Knowledge Base is a feature we implemented to help you with response times. This feature allows you to select often used sentences or links without having to manually copy-paste. Currently, there are two different types.

  • Articles: these are links to a page, hosted on An example of an article could be a privacy policy. These can be created with formatting.
  • Snippets: these are pieces of plain text. An example would be a link you would like to refer to.

As more departments of your firm use Sparkcentral, the amount of articles and snippets will grow. To facilitate this, we offer a feature called “collections”. Using collections, you can categorize different articles and snippets.


Creating a collection

  • Go to SettingsAgent WorkspaceKnowledge Base.
  • Click on the button Add New.
  • Select Collection.
  • A window will pop up in which you can enter a collection name.
  • Select the channel(s) in which you want access to this collection.
  • Make sure to click on Save, on the lower right of this window.

Editing a collection

  • Editing a collection can be done by heading to the knowledge Base Settings.
  • On hovering over a collection, you can edit it by clicking on the edit button.


Creating a snippet

  • Go to SettingsAgent WorkspaceKnowledge Base.
  • Click on the button Add New.
  • Select Snippet.
  • In the name field, you can add the name of the snippet.
  • Like the article, you can add this snippet to a collection.
  • In the lower half of the screen, you can create the snippet itself.
  • At the bottom, you will see the following: shorten links in this snippet. This will shorten any link you added to this snippet.


Creating an article

  • Go to SettingsAgent WorkspaceKnowledge Base.
  • Click on the button Add New.
  • Select Article.
  • In the name field, you can enter the name of the article.
  • The article can be added to a collection of your choice. In this example, I added it to the Support Collection.
  • On the lower half of the screen, you can create your article using formatting.

Editing a snippet or article

  • Editing a snipper or article can be done by clicking on the collection the snippet or article is in.
  • Hover over the snippet or article you want to edit.
  • Click on the edit button to the right.
  • A window will pop up, in which you can edit the snippet or article.

Using snippets or articles in the chat

  • To use a snippet or article, you should go into a message.
  • To the right of the screen, click on the button Knowledge Base, next to Contact. (See provided screenshot).
  • All your collections will pop up. 
  • Selecting any collection will expand the list more, revealing every snippet or article under that collection.
  • Hovering over an article or snippet will pop up a small field to the left, allowing you to preview that contents of it. 
  • Clicking the snippet or article will “paste” it into the chatbox. 
  • A snippet will be pasted as a piece of text. Any links in the snippet will be shortened, when set up at the creation page.
  • Articles will be pasted as a link. These links refer to articles on a web page. (See example screenshot below). 

Agents can create their own Personal Snippets

Agents can keep their style and voice in their frequently used responses without impacting other agents’ Knowledge Base snippets. Personal Snippets are only visible and accessible by the logged in agent.  

To create a Personal Snippet, click on Add Snippet under the Personal Collection tab in the Knowledge Base section. Compose a new Personal Snippet and click Save.

  • An agent may have up to 20 items created in a personal collection at one time.
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