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Prevent your customers from waiting on hold

Facilitate customers who have already dialed your service number with the option to move their interaction to WhatsApp

Voice is an expensive channel that too often results in customer frustration. We learned that 24/7 customer service operations can primarily be reached by calling a hotline number for any type of question a client has often resulted in long wait times and abandoned calls. Think about the typical path. A customer calls your contact center, navigates an IVR, waits on hold for an agent, then is asked for the same information they just provided in the IVR.

By using WhatsApp IVR deflection you can proactively provide clients the option to engage with your claims handlers in their preferred messaging channel. You can even have a greeting message with this option within your IVR. Customers receive a push notification to begin the interaction with your company.

How does IVR deflection work?

If a customer reaches out to your brand on the phone, they have the option to receive a message on WhatsApp.

Example IVR voice message: “ Did you know you can also reach us on WhatsApp? To continue this conversation on WhatsApp, press “1” now.”

Once they have received the message, they can hangup and continue the conversation over WhatsApp.

Example WhatsApp IVR deflection message: “Hi and welcome to Sparkcentral on WhatsApp. We are here to help you 24/7 with anything!”

Technical requirements

You will need to have a Sparkcentral instance with a working WhatsApp number connected to get started.

To send outbound messages to customers on WhatsApp, you will need to make use of message templates. These messages, also referred to as Highly Structured Message (HSMs), need to be offered to WhatsApp for approval. You will need to submit the message template in all languages you are using when communicating with your customers. Message templates can contain {variables} which can be populated later, such as a first name, track & trace link or order number.

Example message template (HSM)

Content:Hi and welcome to Sparkcentral on WhatsApp. We are here to help you 24/7 with anything!

To send an outbound message to a customer on WhatsApp, you will need to integrate your IVR solution with Sparkcentral using our Proactive API.

This is a code snippet to show that integration only requires a few lines of code to get started.

$message = '&[](d75f997a_3477_a9c1_84f8_12d604b70458, welcome_message, ' . ($request->client ?: 'Sparkcentral') . ')';
$to = '+32123456789';

$token = $this->getToken();

$data = (new Fetcher('', null, false))->post_json([
    'contact' => $to,
    'medium' => 'WHATSAPP',
    'channel' => 'SparkcentralWhatsApp',
    'text' => $message
], [
        'Authorization: Bearer ' . $token,
        'Content-Type: application/json',

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