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Last message preview and timestamp shown on queue items

You will now be presented to always see the latest message of a conversation on the queue items. This can be either an inbound or outbound message.

  • Message preview: a truncated preview of the last message is shown on each queue item
  • Timestamp: the time of the last (inbound or outbound) message is shown

How does Message preview and Timestamp appear on the queue items:

Inbound message

This example shows that a WhatsApp message was received at 08:52. And the truncated preview of the last message: “Hi, I have a question about…”

Outbound message

Admins can decide if they want to show the outbound message previews sent by either “Human and Virtual Agents” or “Human Agents Only” by navigating to SettingsQueue, Preferences, underQueue Item Display

  1. If you choose to enable “Human and Virtual Agents”. Then every time a human agent or a virtual agent sends an outbound message you will see this  reply icon indicator together with a truncated preview of the last outbound message with a timestamp. 
  • This example shows that the outbound message was sent at 08:52. And the the  reply icon shows truncated preview of the last outbound message: “Can you send a screensh…”

      2. If you choose to enable “Human Agents Only”, then you will only see outbound message previews for                when your human agent sends an outbound message.

         If the Virtual Agent sends in the last outbound, and hands over the conversation to the queue, then it will           be presented like its a regular inbound message where you will see the truncated preview of the last                     inbound message from the customer with a timestamp.


In this example the  paperclip icon indicates that the last inbound message has an attachment.

Does the queue ordering change?

The queue ordering does not change. The timestamp we have added shows the time of the last message. This can either be the time of an inbound message from your customer or an outbound message from your customer care representative.

The order of the queue is based on the time the conversation was added to the New queue.


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