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Link Shortening

Admins can choose to Authenticate with Bitly to use your organization’s custom Bitly account, by navigating to Settings, Agents Workspace,Link Shortening. This will allow you to track all URLs sent via Sparkcentral when utilizing the link shortener.  

If you do not connect a Bitly account, URLs will be shortened with Sparkcentral’s default Bitly account when using the built-in link shortener.

Choose whether a KB snippet with a link should be automatically shortened when sent out:

Admins creating a new Knowledge Base snippet will see a checkbox (checked by default) – which they can uncheck if they do not want the link to be shortened before sending out.

This is especially useful for: 

  • Channels like SMS where shortened links can trigger carriers to block the SMS number 
  • It is also helpful for any channel which doesn’t have a character limit restriction. For example, if the snippet text contains “Our returns policy is 90 days. Here’s a link to the page where you can start a return “”, then the brand may want to send the text as is on channels like WhatsApp, Chat etc., instead of shortening it to “”.

How to add Shorten Link in the agent desktop?

  • You can locate the Link Shortening option on the UI by clicking on icon.
  • A fill-in field will appear on the screen starting with http:// you can type in the url, and upon pressing enter or clicking on the Shorten Link button the short version of the url will be ready to be sent out.

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