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New Conversation Indicator

We have added an indicator to show agents that a conversation is a NEW conversation in the queue.

An Admin has to enable this feature first by navigating to

Settings, Queue, Preferences, underQueue Item Displaysection.

What is considered as a New conversation?

  • A customer has sent in a message, and is waiting for an initial response from an agent.
  • If a chatbot has already been communicating with the customer, upon a handover we will still show this conversation as a ‘new conversation’ in the queue.​
  • Agents will be able to identify a new conversation with this    indicator.
  • As soon as the agent sends out an initial response to the customer, the   new conversation indicator will disappear.
  • After a conversation is Resolved, and the same customer contacts you again, this conversation will be marked as a new conversation in the queue.

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