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Remove Ownership

Admins can now enable an option that removes the ownership from any owned conversations in the New queue when an agent logs out. This will ensure that ongoing conversations don’t get overlooked when an agent has to log out for any reason.

Admins must navigate to Settings , Routing & Automation, Remove Ownership .

What happens when 'Remove Ownership' is enabled?

  1. When the agent logs out, their ownership will be automatically removed (within 2 minutes) from all conversations in the New Queue, and the conversation is then viewable by any agent filtering for “unowned” conversations. 
  2. Their ownership is maintained for all conversations in the Pending Queue. However if an inbound causes the conversation to move to the New Queue while the owner is logged off, ownership is automatically removed, and the conversation is then viewable by any agent filtering for “unowned” conversations. 
  3. If boomerangs are set on the conversations to move them from PENDING to NEW queue, and these boomerangs are executed when the agent is logged off then ownership will be cleared to “unowned”. 
  4. Ownership audit trails will indicate ownership changes in conversation history. 

What happens when 'Remove Ownership' is disabled?

Then the existing behavior or status will be maintained. When agents log off the conversations which were owned by the agent remain assigned to the agent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can an agent who is ONLINE able to assign conversations to an agent who has gone OFFLINE?

  • Yes, conversations can be assigned to agents who are OFFLINE. This occurs in cases where the conversation needs to go to an offline dedicated skilled agent or specialist. Our recommended workflow is to assign the conversation to the offline agent, and move the conversation in PENDING while waiting for an answer, and so it doesn’t create high AHT for such conversations. Ownership notifications will still be triggered which will let the agent know (when they come back) that conversations were assigned to them when they were OFFLINE.


What happens to the PENDING conversation that was assigned to an OFFLINE agent, and the customer sends an inbound while the agent is still OFFLINE?

  • In this case, the conversation will move from PENDING to the NEW queue, the ownership will be cleared, and it will be available for other agents (or other specialist agents for such cases) to handle the conversation as needed.

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