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Tags are applied at message level, and is more like a message disposition giving an additional detail of what the message is all about. Tags are a useful metadata for Admins as it helps categorize messages for reporting purposes.

For example, you can tag the message as a positive or negative sentiment.

  • Multiple Tags can be added to a single message.
  • Tags can be added to both inbound, and outbound messages.
  • Tags can be applied manually or via Automations.

How to manage & create Tags?

Admins can manage to create, update, delete Tags by navigating to SettingsRouting & AutomationsTags.

To create a Tag:

Click on Add Tag

Edit a Tag:

  • Tags is a global setting, so any changes made will apply to every channel.
  • Admins are able to edit any existing tag name as needed.
  • If the admin edits the name of the existing tag, then the new tag name will reflect in every conversation where the tag has been applied.

Delete a Tag:

  • If a tag is about to get deleted, the following will appear on the admin’s screen:
  • If the admin clicks delete, then the tag will be deleted.
  • After the tag is deleted, the tag will be removed from all the conversations where the tag had been applied.
  • The deleted tag will no longer appear in the tags drop-down.
  • Admins will be able to see the reporting for the tags which are deleted but were available at the time for which the report is run.

  • There will be no audit trail in the conversation history for the deleted tags.

Tags view in the conversation pane:

  • Tags that are applied to a conversation will be visible to agents underneath each message. 
  • Agents are able to add & assign tag(s) manually to the conversation by clicking on the + Tag.
  • Admins can automatically apply tags based on keywords or phrases by setting up Automations
  • Audit trails will not show in the conversation history, if a tag was applied, how the tag was applied, and if a tag was removed by an agent.
  • A message can have multiple tags applied at any given time. 
  • Tags are applied at message level, and remain associated with the message.

Where can Supervisors review Tags reporting data?

The Tags report brings visibility, and insights into tag volume and usage. There are two ways to review tags reporting data:

  1. Supervisors of a channel can access ReportsOn- Demand ExportsTags export to review all tags that have at least one application in the selected time range. To learn more about this export, visit Tags.
  2. Supervisors also have access to the in-product Tags reporting via Reports, Tags. Admins can select any, and all tags they wish to report on for the channel of their choosing. When a user loads the Tags report, the top 10 tags for the selected channel & date range will be the default view. This helps offer insight into the most utilized tags without having to manually select them. Data on other tags can be viewed by searching for them below the list of the top 10. This report is channel-specific.

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