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User Roles & Channel Access Permissions

Enterprises may want to utilize different user roles, and channel access permissions for their agents to focus on different workloads, attention in particular channels, and or filter some agents from accessing certain channels. 

User Roles & Channel Access permissions can be set by an Admin from two locations within Sparkcentral. 

  1. In Settings ,Channels & Business Hours , Channels, select which channel, and click on the edit   button.

          2. In Settings , Agents & Teams, Agents, select which user, and click on the edit   button.


At a glance, here are the different User Roles & Access Permissions broken down:

A. Account Roles

  • Admin – Access to Conversations tab, and Settings tab
  • Agent – Access to Conversations tab
  • Please Note: To gain access to the Reports tab, an agent’s Account Role can be either an Agent or an Admin, but the Channel Role must be set to Supervisor.

B. Channel Roles

There are three roles that you can set each team member to:

Viewer 👀–  This role can move conversations to pending or resolved, view the channels they have access to, add tags, notes and topics to conversations, but they can not reply to conversations. One may find this useful for new agents, to help them navigate around how the platform works.

Contributor 💬–  This role can move conversations to pending or resolved, view the channels they have access to, add tags, notes and topics to conversations, and reply in conversations. Contributors do not have access to Reports.

Supervisor 🔎This role has all of the permissions that a Contributor has, as well as the ability to access the Reports tab. To view Reports, a user must hold a Supervisor role for the applicable channel.

C. Channel Based Access or Team Membership

  • Channel Based Access: Classic concept of “team-less” Users with Channel access permissions.
  • Team Membership: Team concept where Users belong to a Team, and have access to the Team’s channels. A User can be a Member of multiple Teams.

Other important information:

  • Once the above is set, agents will only have the option to view, and select the channel accounts they have access to.
  • Only Admins can adjust user Roles & Channel Access Permissions for their organizations.
  • Once a user is restricted from a channel, they cannot view any conversations within that channel. Updates to user Channel Access Permissions take place immediately.
  • Each user must have access to at least ONE channel, whether a Viewer, Contributor or Supervisor.
  • When adding a new channel, the default permissions for all users will be set to “off”.
  • Admins also have the ability to toggle access for ‘All Channels’, ‘All Users’, and ‘All Teams’.

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