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WhatsApp Highly Structured Messages

What is an HSM?

An HSM is a pre-approved message that can be sent outside the 24-hour customer care window or proactively if you have obtained opt-in from the person your reaching out to.

HSM templates have to be approved by WhatsApp Business before you can start sending them.

Which building blocks does an HSM contain?

  • Header* (optional): choose a header to display in bold
  • Body*: contains the message you want to send to your customer and will appear in regular font size
  • Footer (optional): will appear in smaller font size 
  • Buttons (optional): create up to 2 buttons that let customers take action
    • Call phone number
    • Visit URL (static)

* The Header and the Body may contain variables. The format for variables is {{1}}, {{2}}, …
Place them in the text, where you want them to be inputed.


Interactive buttons in HSM's

An effective way to keep customers engaged with your brand and navigate them directly to the right information on your website, support team or even to a personalized payment url.

Quick reply buttons

With quick reply buttons, you can now add up to three buttons in one message. Your customers can easily re-engage in your conversation or be directed to the right team in just one click. 

Use cases

Route conversations to the right team

Routing your conversations to the right team is nothing new. However, creating a routing flow through buttons in WhatsApp is! By linking your Sparkcentral Autoresponder with these Interactive WhatsApp Buttons, you’ll direct your customers seamless to the right team within your organisation. 

Restart a conversation after the 24-hour window

If you’re using WhatsApp to communicate with customers, you’re probably familiar with the fact that there’s a 24-hour customer care window to communicate back and forth with your customers. After 24-hours since your user’s last message, the session automatically closes. If you wish to re-initiate a conversation after that, you’ll need a paid HSM (highly structured message). With WhatsApp interactive buttons, customers can now reopen the conversation in just one click. 

Call to action buttons

You can add up to a maximum of two ‘call to action’ buttons. You can choose between a ‘call phone number’-button, enabling your customers to call customer support in just one click. Or a ‘visit website’-button, where you can navigate your customers to a specific part of your website. Fixed, as well as dynamic URLs can be used.

Use cases

Send a query-specific URL

A specific variable can be added to the URL and will therefore automatically link to a unique landing page for your customer. No need for customers to search for their customer ID, track and trace code or order number: in just one click, you’ll provide them with all the information they need. 

Send assets through WhatsApp

Assets, like for example a link, a video or a document, often need to be shared with customers to gather information or help them with issues or questions. With WhatsApp Interactive Buttons, you can now offer your customers a button and navigate them directly to a landing page with these necessary assets. Offering them a seamless experience throughout their customer support. 

How to submit an HSM template for approval

That’s easy, contact your Sparkcentral Customer Success Manager. They will do it for you!

Provide your Customer Success Manager with the following information:

  • The name of the HSM (for internal usage)
  • The languages in which you want to send the HSM
  • The text messages for all the chosen languages
  • If you add a button, share the phone number or URL that it has to refer to

Once your template was submitted, it may take WhatsApp up to 48h to approve it.

WhatsApp 24 hours Customer Care window

When customers send a message on WhatsApp you have 24 hours to reply. This is a timeframe defined by WhatsApp. In Sparkcentral, you will know if the 24 hour window has passed if you see this message: 

The only way you can now respond to the customer is by sending an HSM.

How to send an HSM via Sparkcentral

To send an HSM via Sparkcentral, you will need to use a certain syntax.
Your Customer Success Manager will deliver you the correct format and explain how to use it.

It will look something like this:






header_text=[[ ]]

body_text=[[ ]]


Most efficient way to send HSM's

You might have noticed that HSM Templates are quite difficult to type or even memorize. To solve this, you can make smart use of another one of our features; Knowledge Base Snippets.

Creating and sending a knowledge base snippet

If you read the following article In-platform Knowledge Base, you will be able to set up a snippet. 

In this case, the content of the new snippet would be the entire template, as shown in the previous section.

Sending a snippet item has also been documented in the previous article. We suggest following that guide, as it is always kept up to date. 

You've sent an HSM after the 24-hour customer care window has expired. What's next?

You will have to wait for your customer to reach out to you before you can pick up that conversation again.

Are there additional costs for HSM?

Yes, WhatsApp charges a small amount per HSM sent. 
Consult the pricing for HSM in your region.
Sparkcentral will charge an additional 10% handling fee.

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