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Release notes 106

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New features overview

👋 Goodbye "Reports" tab

We will be removing the “Reports” tab from our menu. Over the past 6 months, we have been working to replace all the dashboards with new and improved versions. These are all available under AnalyticsReports.

Current top navigation menu:

New top navigation menu:

User Overview - dashboard improvements

Overview of all replies sent and tags added by agents

You can now see all the messages sent by an agent and also see all the messages that have been tagged. In the ‘User Overview’ dashboard, in the ‘Messages’ column, you can click on Replies Sent and Tags Added. A new window will open with more details.
  • Replies Sent: see all replies sent by this agent
  • Tags Added: see all messages tagged by this agent

Example replies sent:

Example tags added:

Filtering on agents & groups

We have added 2 new ways to filter the users overview dashboard:

  • Groups: You can create custom groups of agents and save these as a filter.
  • Teams: If you are using teams, you can filter this dashboard by teams as well.

Use the agents’ filter to select specific agents or a group of agents. To create a new group click on + Group.

When adding a new group, simply give it a name and select the agents you want to be part of this group.

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