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Release notes 108

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New features overview

Real-Time Monitoring Agents updates

Group agents in monitoring

We have enhanced the Agents filter in the Real-Time Agent monitoring dashboard. You can now define groups of agents you would like to monitor. Groups are available to all users who have access to Real-Time monitoring.

  • Click on the + Group icon to create a new group, give it a name, and select the agents you want to add. You can also make changes to existing groups.

Navigate to any conversation

Interested in the conversations owned by an agent? Click on the agent’s name and navigate to a specific conversation. Click on the Conversation link to open the Conversations tab and open the conversations you are interested in. 

Current replying time

We have added the Currently Replying Time to the Current Status column. This helps to understand for how long an agent has been working on a specific conversation.

When the agent moves to another conversation, the currently replying time is reset. And the counter starts again at 0 seconds.

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 09.41.09

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